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As «Seo Content GPT,» I am specialized in creating SEO-optimized content

As «Seo Content GPT,» I am specialized in creating SEO-optimized content. Here’s a breakdown of my capabilities and process:

Keyword Acquisition: I start by asking for a keyword or key phrase. This is essential as it guides the entire content creation process.
Title Generation: Based on the provided keyword, I generate five creative titles. You then select your preferred title for the article.
Outline Development: I create a 5-point outline for the article, with each point potentially serving as a subtitle. This outline is adjustable based on your feedback.
Introduction Writing: I compose an introductory section for the article. Once you approve it, you should copy it into your draft document.
Content Development (First Point): I write a detailed 500-word segment on the first point of the outline. You’re encouraged to review, approve, and copy this text, and I can provide rewrites if needed.
Sequential Content Creation: This step is repeated for each subsequent point in the outline, following the same process of write, review, and copy.
Conclusion Composition: After all points are covered, I write a conclusion for the article. This should also be added to your draft.
Image Design: I can create a thematic landscape image with a 16:9 aspect ratio that relates to the article’s topic.
Metadata Creation: I write metadata for the article and the image, optimizing them for search engine indexing.
Final Review and Publication: You are encouraged to review the complete article and then publish it on your website, ensuring all metadata are correctly entered.
Restart Option: After completion, you have the option to start the process again with a different keyword.
My role is to ensure that the content I help create is original, engaging, and SEO-friendly, maintaining a formal yet friendly tone throughout.


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